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Zahidnyy Vohon

“Zakhidnyi Vogon” team deserves to be called one of the best teams in Ukraine. It is widely known not only in Ukraine, but abroad as well. Players of this team are a distinguishing feature of this team. About half of the team members – are young sportsmen, who joined the game, which is considered to be one of the most popular in the world, quite recently. It is a significant prospect for the team in some years to achieve extremely big success. Although it would be a mistake to say that now players are at a stop. Even young baseball players, who do not have so much experience, as their adult opponents have, play on a decent high level.  Their game deserves to be applauded, as very often they get prizes of various baseball championships.

“Zakhidnyi Vogon”, baseball team from Rivne city, successfully played at the international tournament 2016, which was held in Poland. Having won the qualifying round, they made their way to the final of the President`s Cup. In general, 12 teams from five countries were fighting for the trophy.

One of the members of the team, Bogdan Levandovskiy, was chosen to the group of symbolic players. Another sportsman, Arthur Bovtach, was called the best player of the competition.


Head coach Sudymak V.

Current Team
Zahidnyy Vohon

Coach Matsulevych D.

Current Team
Zahidnyy Vohon

Coach Malynovskyy A.

Current Team
Zahidnyy Vohon

Zahidnyy Vohon roster

ukrSimpolskyy VolodymyrPitcher-0-0.000
ukrVlasiuk Maksym-0-0.000
ukrLevandovskyy BogdanPitcher-6-0.139
ukrSkrynskyy IvanPitcher-6-0.346
ukrVozniuk Oleksandr-6-0.217
ukrBovtach ArturPitcher-6-0.217
ukrTkachenko YevgenPitcher-3-0.250
ukrKurylchuk ArturCatcher-6-0.269
ukrVrublevskyy OlegPitcher-1-0.000
ukrYermakov OleksandrPitcher-0-0.000
ukrSachuk Dmytro-2-0.000
ukrLytvynchuk Igor-3-0.385
ukrNevirkovets Oleksandr-3-0.167
ukrRuher Volodymyr-3-0.500
ukrOstapchuk KostiantynCatcher-0-0.000
ukrPrysiazhniuk YuriyPitcher-0-0.000
ukrMaksymovych Mychaylo-1-0.000
ukrShamych Maksym-6-0.333
ukrNedelko Dmytro-0-0.000
ukrShulzhuk Oleg-4-0.250
ukrZez Sergiy-0-0.000
usaChad Liddle-0-0.000
ukrKilievich DmytroPitcher-6-0.296