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“Illichivets” can be literally called one of the first baseball teams in Ukraine. It was founded in the 80s of the last century. The first tournament, and moreover international one, was held in Illichivsk city in 1987. Playing on that tournament Ukrainian team has won the third place.

According to the results of one of the Ukrainian Cups, all players received the title of Candidate Masters of Sports. Among “Illichivets” team’s awards are:

3rd place – the Ukrainian Championship in 1988;

4th place – 1993, 5th place – 1989, 1992 and 1994;

2nd place (First League) – 2011;

1st place (First League) – 2012;

1st place (Premier League, Division B) – 2014;

3rd place (Premier League, Division B) – 2015;

Odessa Regional Championship – 2014;

Black Sea Cup – 2011;

Season Opening Cup – 2011;

At the Ukrainian Championship 2015 “Illichivets” team got the 3rd place.


Coach Beliaev O.

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Coach Bakan S.

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