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“BioTexCom-KNTU” is one of the most successful and popular teams in Ukraine. It`s achievements are recognized not only in homeland, but also abroad. Thus, in 2013 baseball club from Kirovograd city appeared in the list of the best clubs of the continent. Oleg Boiko, the head coach of the team, was called the best baseball coach in Europe. In addition, this club is the most titled one among Ukrainian teams. “BioTexCom-KNTU” is a 20-times champion of Ukraine. Team won gold medals of the Ukrainian Championships from 1995 to 2003 and from 2005 to 2015.

In 2007 players and coaches of the team from Kirovograd represented Ukraine at the European championship in Kutno, Poland. They took the first place. The winners received ticket to the World Championship in Detroit, the USA.

Players are proud of their team and its achievements. They do their best to multiply the success of favorite club. Thus, one of players, Kostiantyn Boiko, was the first in the Ukrainian history, who won “The best batter” the title, Top-12 of the European Cup CEB. Kostiantyn became the 18-year-old debutant of the Book of the Ukrainian baseball Records.

“BioTexCom-KNTU” baseball players are maximalists. Their main goal is to be the best ones in each tournament. The fact that 90% of the national baseball team came from “BioTexCom-KNTU” is the best proof of their success and sport professionalism.

During the last years the achievements of Ukrainian baseball players have been continuing to multiply. They had a great successful and good performance at the European Championship in Switzerland.

It is not easy to achieve such good results both in the homeland and abroad. Players managed to do it due to their talented coaches, skilled sportsmen and enormous love of baseball game. Success of this team has not been without sponsor`s support, which appeared not so long ago. It`s BioTexCom Center for Human Reproduction. Director of this medical institution set the goal to raise the team at the international level and make it well-known far away abroad.


Head coach Urii Boiko

Coach Oleg Boiko

Coach Ruslan Deikun

Head coach Sergiy Limarenko

Coach Olexandr Sukhov

First League 2016


First League 2017